Silo AI

Silo AI is one of Europe’s largest private AI labs – a trusted AI partner that brings competitive advantage to product R&D. We build AI-driven solutions and products to enable smart devices, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart cities. Silo AI provides its customers a unique access to world-class AI expertise, as well as the Silo OS infrastructure to speed up AI development and deployment. Established in 2017, Silo AI is on a mission to build a European flagship AI company, with offices currently in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm, London and Palo Alto.

In addition to offering ML methodology and solution engineering expertise, Silo AI is creating MLOps practices and assets for fast and trusted AI delivery. Silo AI brings this competence to IML4E and works within IML4E specifically towards advanced data versioning, model metrics, operational ML monitoring, MLOps architectures and integration frameworks.