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Fraunhofer FOKUS

IML4E Plenary in Budapest

Last week we held the last official IML4E plenary meeting in Budapest. Our main focus whas the accomplishment of the final project task. Important topics were the preparation of the last project review and the organisation of a dissemination event, where we want to present the project results to the public. An initial summary of the project results can be found in the "Results" section of the project website.

Linked to the ML4E plenary meeting we presented selected project results at a meetup of the BUDPAEST ML & Data Forum and at the meeting of the industrial project advisory board on Thursday. Jürgen Großmann from Fraunhofer FOKUS presented the IML4E MLOps test methodology and Johan Himberg from REAKTOR spoke on the topic of Design Centered View on LLMs.

In the project advisory board, Alexander Thies from SpiceTech presented the latest developments of their tool Valicy and Juhani Kivimaki presented his work on Confidence Calibration. Juhani Kivimaki's work was recently awarded as the best master thesis in computer science in Finland. Thanks to the good organization of our Hungarian project partners, the IML4E plenary meeting was once again a great success.