IML4E Advisory Board successfully established

This afternoon the first Advisory Board meeting of the IML4E Project Advisory Board took place. The board is supposed to extend the reach of the project specifically in the software industry and to discuss the results of the IML4E project with selected stakeholders at an early stage.

In the meeting there were 6 Advisory Board members from different industries, including Telecommunication, Transportation, and Pharma, as well as representatives of the IML4E project. IML4E project coordinator Jürgen Großmann emphasized the importance of machine learning for large parts of the European software industry and the emerging need for reliable and efficient training, development and testing methods dedicatted to machine learning. Both the advisory board and the IML4E project members believe that the IML4E project can make an important contribution with its research and development work on data collection, processing, and valorisation (see our Deliverable D2.1) as well as on advanced model engineering (see our Deliverable D3.1).

With this meeting, the IML4E Advisory Board was constituted and the IML4E project was able to present its content to the Advisory Board members for the first time. During the meeting the way of further collaboration was discussed and possibilities for further cooperation have been discussed. We as the IML4E project thank the newly constituted Advisory Board and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.