IML4E at DIN/DKE NA 043-01-42 GA

Jürgen Großmann, project coordinator of IML4E, presented the IML4E project in the DIN/DKE NA 043-01-42 GA meeting on Thursday January 13th 2022. The standardization committee DIN/DKE NA 043-01-42 – Artificial Intelligence is the national standardization body with the task to mirror the standardization activities of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 as well as the CEN/CENELEC Focus Group on AI. DIN/DKE NA 043-01-42 is responsible to bring the German opinion into the committees of ISO and CEN/CENELEC and to develop proposals for standardization topics on all levels.

The aim of the project presentation was to introduce the research projects addressed in IML4E and to identify which of the research and development results targeted in the project are of interest for the currently ongoing and planned standardization activities of ISO and CEN/CENELEC. In the course of the project presentation, it became clear that there is great interest in the project results. Common interest has been identified in particular in the areas data quality, data validation and data valorisation, testing and certification approaches for ML, and for sure, methodologies and best practizes aligned with the MLOps paradigm. Further discussions will clarify how a cooperation between the DIN/DKE NA 043-01-42 committee and the IML4E project could be organized.