IML4E cooperates with IVVES

While IML4E develops methods and tools for the efficient implementation of MLOps in European industry, the IVVES project focuses on the development of systematic approaches for robust and comprehensive industry-grade V&V of "embedded AI" systems. In providing automated and efficient methods to raise the quality of ML applications to a new level, both projects share common goal in their contribution to the industrialization of AI. Potential synergies arise from the mutual and complementary use of project results. These are, among others, the IML4E-projected procedures for quality assurance during development, such as the Continuous Audit-based Certification approach for ML developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS, the advanced monitoring procedures developed by Silo AI, as well as the the ModelCards-based quality documentation approach developed by the University of Helsinki. At today's poster session of the IVVES project at the University of Helsinki, experts were able to discuss results and synergies from both projects.