Second physical IML4E Plenary in Berlin

Last week the second physical plenary meeting of the IML4e project took place. We met with more than 20 people in Berlin at Fraunhofer FOKUS. The discussions focused on the IML4E Framework and the IML4E Experimentation Platform, two project innovations that are jointly developed by all partners. In addition, we had interesting technical-scientific discussions about the innovations that will be developed by individual partners and integrated into the IML4E framework. These included, for example, the Continuous Audit based Certification for MLOps, for which Fraunhofer is responsible, the extension of the Valicy tool by Spicetech, the Zementis platform by Software AG or the solution for the operational monitoring of ML applications by SILO AI. In addition, the University of Helsinki presented exciting findings on the topics of confidence calibration in ML and the comparison of gRPC and REST as basis for ML protocols. Finally, we discussed synergies and progress in the case studies and agreed on the next milestones. At the end of the plenary meeting we presented our project results in our second industrial advisory board meeting.