IML4E has reached its second milestone

After 13 months we have now, with some delay, reached our second project milestone in the IML4e project. The milestone includes the completion of a total of 4 technical deliverables, 3 of which are publicly available.

In work package 1, we further specified the case studies from the industries of finance, construction and real estate, software design and technology consulting, industrial solutions, and healthcare, and specified the evaluation concept for evaluating the IML4E technologies.

In work packages 2 and 3, we described and specified the various technologies and research approaches that will be realized by the individual partners in the project and later integrated as part of the IML4E framework. These include an approach developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS for continuous auditing of ML-based applications, extensions to the Valicy testing tool from Spicetech, and methods for automated data preparation and monitoring of ML applications.

In work package 4, we defined basic requirements for the IML4E platform, an open source stack for MLOps, and identified the underlying base software. We also formulated requirements for training tasks and the training platform.

In the following months, we will align research and development activities to develop initial prototypes for the IML4E technology evaluation so that we can operationalize and enable initial integration into case studies. In addition, we will pursue our plans for exploitation, dissemination, standardization, and innovation management to make the project results available to a broader audience. The public deliverables of the project are available here.