Third physical IML4E Plenary in Budapest

This week the third physical plenary meeting of the IML4e project took place. We met with more than 20 people at the Budapest Technical University. We had fruitful discussions around our current main focus point the IML4E framework. At the last plenary meeting in Berlin[1], we laid out technical foundations which has been successfully implemented by our partner Silo AI [2]. Based on this prototype partners are able to run the use cases in a MLOps with minimum setup efforts. We also worked on the methodologies and principals which are the foundations of the IML4E framework. These included the MLOps lifecycle model, the maturity assessment, the Continuous Audit based Certification Methodology and the Teaching Material and Playbooks. As a special dissemination activity our member Gabor from Vitarex Ltd[3]. organized the first MLOps Meetup in Budapest with over 60 attendees. Finally, we discussed synergies and progress in the case studies and agreed on the next milestones. At the end of the plenary meeting we presented our project results in our second industrial advisory board meeting.

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